Through CyberArticle WebShare system, you can distribute your documents through Web system conveniently.  So users can view your documents only by web brower.

1. System requirements

    i. Windows XP Professional / 2003 or higher 
    ii. .NET Framework 2.0. Download
    iii. CyberArticle 5.2 or higher. Download
    iv. CyberArticle WebShare. Download

2. Install IIS

Firstly, you need to install IIS.  For the detail installation method, please refer to Windows Help, or search Help through Internet.  If IIS is installed, please skip over this step.

3. Install .NET Framewrok 2.0

Please install .NET Framework 2.0 firstly, which can be downloaded from the website of Microsoft.  If .NET Framework 2.0 has been installed, please skip over this step.
Note: If IIS is installed following .NET Framework 2.0, you can deal with according to the following method:
    i. Open CMD and enter CD C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727;
    ii. Enter aspnet_regiis.exe -i.
Usually, it will be OK by using the above method.  If you have any questions in the follow-up steps, please search Help through Internet.
    i. Please install CyberArticle 5.0 20080325 or higher.  Note: CyberArticle must be installed in non-system disk such as D:\CyberArticle.
    ii. Download CyberArticle WebShare and decompress it to non-system disk such as D:\BookShare.

5. Config IIS website

At first, create a new website in IIS as follows:
In the popup wizard, proceed according to the following steps:
Enter a description of the website.  You can write anything as you will.
Set the website path directed to CyberArticle WebShare installation directory. 
Set the access permissions for the website.  Note: Select "Execute".
After the website is built, you need to set .NET version.
Right click on the node of IIS website and select "Properties" in the context menu.
Find ASP.NET in the pop-up dialog and then select ASP.NET version as 2.0.50727, as depicted in the following image.

6. Set path permission

Expand the website, find the "Default.aspx" file in manager, right click on it and select "Browse" menu.
This file will be opened in the browser.
The possible status of Self Test are listed as follows:
Failed to create user config folder
User folder cannot be created.  You can create a "WebShareSettings" folder in CyberArticle installation directory by yourself.
Failed to write data into the user config folder
Data cannot be written into the user config file uaually due to without the permission.  You can deal with as the followings:
1. Set the properties of the "WebShareSettings" folder in explorer.
   Switch to the "Security" page;
Click "Add" button;
Enter as the following format:
Computer name\IUSR_ComputerName
For instance, WSJ\IUSR_WSJ;
Then click "OK" so as to add this user into the path permission;
Furthermore, add the "write and modify" permission to this user;
And then click "OK" to close the "Folder Properties" dialog.
Failed to write data into the website config folder
This is usually because data cannot be written into the "Settings" folder in the "WebShare" folder.  You can set the permission of the "WebShare\Settings" folder according to the above method.
Failed to write data into the articles folder
This is usually because data cannot be written into the "articles" folder in the "WebShare" folder.  You can set the permission of the "WebShare\articles" folder according to the above method.

6. Add a CyberArticle WebShare License

Click "Add License" link in the management page
Enter your License.  You can send us email applying for trial permission free or use the following license: (Copy all)
Click "OK" so as to add a permission and return to the management page.

7. Add books

In the management page, click "Add books" button so as to add the books to be distributed.
Note: Only SQL Server books are supported for the moment.
Enter your books database information and click "OK" so as to add books and return to the management page.

8. Manage books

Select a book
  • "Open" button, can be used to set and publish the book.
  • "Close" button, can be used to close the book. (The book will not be published.) 
  • "Delete" button, can be used to delete the added book(s) from the list.

9. Other management information

The number of the current books: Show the number of the books in the current list.
The number of the licensed books: Show the number of the books supported by the current license.

10. View articles

Open http://localhost/index_w.htm or http://localhost/index_n.htm in brower so as to view the information.

11. Other information

    i. CyberArticle WebShare includes all the source code, which you can amend on your side.  We would be grateful if you could send the amendment to us by email.
    ii. Apply for the license: You can send us email for applying for the license free.  our email:  Please write your name in your email.
    iii. You can also build multiple distribution websites in one IIS server.  All the websites share a book list, however each website can be individually set the books to be opened.  For example, if you have three books respectively used for different departments, you can build three websites so that each website opens a book and other books are closed.  Moreover, each department is distributed with a URL and views its own information respectively through its own URL