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CyberArticle 5.5 2010-2-10 Update Log


CyberArticle 5.3 2009-6-6 Update Log


CyberArticle 5.2 2009-3-19 Update Log

  • PDF

CyberArticle 5.1 2008-9-24 Update Log

  • Fixed failure in printing web pages

CyberArticle 5.1 (2008-9-22) Update Log (the last beta version relative to 5.0)
  • Able to record the state of Quick Edit tool bar
  • Enhanced Monitor Clipboard function of CyberArticle Express. You can set the number of words to be saved and whether clipboard contents are directly saved in a book or not.
  • Fixed a few bugs

CyberArticle 5.0 (2008-4-9) Update Log
  • Added a search box at top right corner of main interface: typed keyword will be highlighted automatically right after you finish typing; once Enter key is pressed, a search will be performed in current book (web or CyberArticle Help depending on your setting).Internet
  • Added book maintenance. Book backup can be made automatically now.
  • Added keyword positioning. Once F3 is pressed, keyword can be quickly located(in article browsing window)
  • Added change node icon
  • Added import 5.0 exe ebook
  • Added simple browser. Main menu->Tools->Options->User Interface->General->Show browser buttons
  • Added font size 12 for article editing
  • Tabs in tab window are sorted by alphabet/Pinyin
  • The function 'Import PDF file' is configurable now. By default, PDF won't be converted to HTML anymore.
  • Started to support Web publication(CyberArticle WebShare is required for providing cooperation)
  • Modified regfiles.bat and unregfiles.bat. All DLLs can be registered.
  • Encoding of HTML/Text to be exported can be configured, supporting unicode and ansi/utf-8.
  • Modified autoupdate, allowing specifying download location of installer.
  • Fixed a few bugs

CyberArticle 5.0 (2008-2-2) Update Log
 fixed a bug in editing articles
 Added set image properties during editing articles
 Added set image name when "paste special" is performed
 Added sorting function for resource file list.

CyberArticle 5.0 (2008-1-21) Update Log
 Added conversion function between traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese
 Fixed a bug in saving web pages
 Fixed a bug in importing office files
 Fixed a bug in article encryption
 Fixed a bug in search function

CyberArticle 5.0 (2008-1-16) Update Log
 Fixed an error in article encryption
 Fixed a few bugs in saving web pages
 Accelerated program response speed
 Modified search function
 Added commonfolder
 Fixed a bug possibly resulting in duplicated nodes

CyberArticle 5.0 (2008-1-10) Update Log
 Fixed a few bugs in article editing
 Fixed a few bugs in saving web pages
 Fixed a bug with the program itself
 Added an option: export files

CyberArticle 5.0 (2007-12-25) Update Log
 Fixed an installation bug under Vista

CyberArticle 5.0 (2007-12-24) Update Log
 Added information bar allowing automatically displaying article comments, attachments, labels.
 Added support for gaining picture data directly from browser for better saving pictures
 Brand new EXE e-book, supporting skin
 Improved search function
 Fixed a few bugs

CyberArticle 5.0 RC(2007-10-26) Update Log
 Added support for setting password for books
 Added support for searching within specified folder
 Fixed a few bugs

CyberArticle 5.0 RC(2007-8-15) Update Log
 Substantially improved speed in processing book in large size in terms of opening, searching and management
 Improved sorting function which can be performed with subfolders included
 Improved Option dialog
 Added support for saving videos from YouTube
 Added support for forbidding opening external browser by double clicking node
 Fixed a few bugs

CyberArticle 5.0 RC(2007-7-24) Update Log
 Added address bar
 Added a plugin used for inserting pictures in batch
 Added a plugin used for importing files as links or attachments
 Fixed a bug in 'Select link/attachment'
 Added support for files dragged into articles being treated as attachments
 Added support for directly adding attachments and setting labels when creating a new article
 Added direct deleting HTML TAG function during editing article
 Added support for directly generating index according to web page bookmarks
 Fixed a few bugs

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-7-10) Update Log
 Fixed a bug with regard to exiting program when in full screen mode

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-7-9) Update Log
 Fixed a bug regarding to possibly unable to display pictures
 Fixed a bug in comparing files. The size of e-books created can be effectively reduced.
 Added an option allowing only one book to be opened at the same time
 Added an option allowing only one instance of CyberArticle
 Added a function allowing maximizing the browsing window by pressing  the ESC key
 Added a function for supporting Label article intersection
 Modified Paste Image function. PNG images are preferentially adopted during editing web page
 Added a function for deleting all links regarding to editing web page
 Other minor bug fixes

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-6-15) Update Log
 Added support for saving objects of MediaPlayer and RealPlayer
 Added support for inserting multimedia files (MediaPlayer,Real,Flash) in edition mode
 Fixed a bug regarding to encoding (Chinese is selected for encoding for web pages)
 Added support for appending web pages saved  to any article
 Added support for setting external editor as the default editor
 Added support for being able to edit text in the saving dialog when saving text on web pages
 Added a plugin used for inserting a return-to-top link
 Added support for whether to use PRE label when pasting text
 Added support for whether to display common folder
 Added 'Close all' and 'Open containing folder' two menu items in the menu popped up when right clicking Tab
 Fixed a bug regarding to automatically linking articles
 Fixed a bug in making EXE e-book
 Added support for setting default template for New Article(in the dialog of "New Article by using Template"

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-6-7) Update Log
 Added a plugin used for deleting hidden text
 Added a plugin used for inserting URL in articles
 Fixed a bug regarding to editing article under IE7
 Fixed a bug regarding to being unable to switch to English interface

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-6-5) Update Log
 Added a plugin used for moving/copying nodes
 Added a plugin used for replacement of source code
 Modified 'Copy pictures from Word' function
 Fixed a few bugs
 Added support for allowing not to display some common folders

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-5-18) Update Log
 Fixed two bugs in saving web pages

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-5-17) Update Log
 Added support for directly adding books not appeared in the book list for 5.0 book upgrade
 Automatic compressing book after 5.0 book upgrade (applicable only for Access books)
 Added support for customizing saving locations of configuration file and book
 Added support for redownloading failed links for BookBuilder
 Fixed a bug: failed to delete multiple nodes selected by pressing Del key on the keyboard
 Label function: users are allowed to drag and drop labels now
 Fixed a bug regarding to failure in using label in Sql Sever books
 Fixed a bug in saving web pages

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-5-11) Update Log
 Fixed a bug with the program
 Added support for zipping articles saved resulting in saved disk space

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-5-9) Update Log
 Added support for setting shortcut keys for plugins
 Added label function. You can categorize articles from different books at the same time
 Added support for opening last visited articles
 Added page zoom function
 Fixed a bug in importing older books
 Fixed a bug probably appeared in reading a wrong configuration file
 Added a button on the Editor Window: Save and Close
 Modified a default setting: 4.x interface will be applied to CyberArticle 5 newly installed
 Added support for compressing books, releasing residual space within book

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-3-25) Update Log
 Fixed a bug with the program (abnormal exit occurs when multiple folders are selected in the folder list)
 During editing web page, images pasted from word can be directly displayed and saved.

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-3-23) Update Log
 Fixed a bug with the interface (appearing two New Article menus)
 Fixed a bug related to browsing web pages
CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-3-22) Update Log
 Added support for jumping within page (bookmarks are allowed to be inserted into page saved or being edited)
 Added support for internal links of version 4.x
 Added a function: CHM e-book link/bookmark jump
 Added a function: EXE e-book link/bookmark jump
 Added support for directly change interface language
 Added support for customzing interface styles (Office 2000, Office XP, Office2003, Windows XP, Visual Studio 2005)
 Added support for using quick editor or independent editor for newly created web page at your will
 Fixed a bug related to the node list
 Added a function allowing to view previous article (F11)
 Added a function allowing to view next article (F12)
 Modified some hotkeys, conforming to those in 4.x
 Added support for customzing hotkeys (Customize | Keyboard)
 Fixed a bug probably causing unrecognizable code
 Fixed a bug causing program error (frequent copy/cut/paste operations)
 Fixed a bug in sorting nodes (folders failed to be listed on top; sorting result couldn't be saved)
 Modified the interface of bookbuilder. Buttons are available on the tool bar allowing you to display/switch e-book types and also run e-book compiled
 You can specify HTML for EXE e-book. After the user clicks the icon at the rightest side of the tool bar of EXE e-book, this HTML will be displayed in the e-book.
 Added windows setting and advanced setting for EXE e-book, being the same as those found in version 4.x
 Added language pack for EXE e-book. The language that your OS is using will determine the language your EXE e-book will automatically use
 Added support for automatic expanding folders and scrolling when moving nodes
 Improved the display speed of article nodes
 Added support for compressing all data in EXE e-book so that its size can be remarkably reduced
 HTML code can be displayed at the same time when an article is being edited (code will be updated automatically in real time). Meanwhile, you can directly edit HTML code in the source code editor and (manually) make the web page get updated in the general editor
 Newly added books can be displayed immediately in the "Save Web Page" dialog
 Fixed some bugs related to URL encoding
 Fixed a bug occurred in switching between a common folder and a general folder
 Fixed a bug to forbid the same book appearing twice
 Keep the format of contents collected by the scheme "Save Selection"
 Added support for "No Fill" for background color of flashmarkers
 Added hotkeys for editor: Set text color (F7), background color (F8)
 E-books created by the trial version of CyberArticle will notify users to register during the trial period
 Allowed searching on current page of EXE e-book; when performing a search within full book, results can also be highlighted.

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-2-26) Update Log
 Fixed some bugs
 Modified the interface of saving web page, supporting simple and advanced modes
 Added support for 3 flashmarkers
 Fixed a bug related to installation
 Added perfect support for Vista. CyberArticle can be running in IE protection mode normally
 Fixed a bug related to EXE e-book(numbers are added to the name of attachment)

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-2-23) Update Log
 Added support for TAB for article editing
 Added support for setting a default font for article editing
 Added Quick Edit. Users are allowed to edit articles without opening a new tab
 Added flashmarker function. Users are allowed to mark articles in browsing mode
 Users are allowed to select the drop-down box or edition box of the title control component of editor
 Users are allowed to select whether to generate automatically titles for newly created articles or not
 Modified the dialog of saving web page once again
 Users can set whether upgrade automatically or not
 Added the edition plugin: set font
 Added the "Go up" folder in the node list
 Users are allowed to set up a password for CyberArticle the main program

CyberArticle 5.0 beta(2007-1-29) Update Log
 Fixed a few bugs
 Added the navigation tool bar

 Re-designed a new GUI, being more user-friendly
 Supported standalone or networked computers
 Faster response and higher stability
 All data are stored in database so that higher security can be guaranteed
 Supported Unicode, being able to save perfectly any web page in any language
 Supported Windows Vista
 Completely open API, supporting second-time development
 Supported importing Outlook mails
 Supported importing PDF files