WizHtmlEditor Overview

    WizHtmlEditor is a free Html editor.It can edit HTML formatted web document (such as html, htm,etc.), MIME formatted web documents(such as mht,nws,eml, etc.), and WizKnowledge formatted web document (such as ziw, zip,etc.).You can easily edit text and images of web pages.

    WizHtmlEditor is small, fast, free and green!

Free Download!





  1. After download, execute wizhtmleditor.exe, open and edit web document(such as html,htm,eml,nws,mht,zip,ziw,etc.).
  2. After modify text and images of web pages, click Save.



KEY Features

  1. General Functions:
    Open: WizHtmlEditor can open files: html, htm, mht, nws, eml, zip, ziw.
    Save: WizHtmlEditor can save as htm, mht, zip, ziw files.
  2. Web Printing 
  3. General Editing Functions: Revoked, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Search and Replace 
  4. Insert : Horizontal Line, Image, Batch Import Images, Links, Bookmarks, Date, Time.
  5. Formatting: Fonts, Background
  6. Table Functions: Insert Table, Modify Table, Set Table Atteributes, Cell Properties.

Special Functions

  • Paste Special : you can directly paste pictures from memory and paste text as RTF.
  • Delete Unselected  : Select  the content you need and you can directly delete other parts. 
  • Insert Links 
  • You can build bookmarks to index.
  • Insert Media Files : you can insert files such as flash, avi, mp4, etc. 
  • Insert HTML Components :  There are many pre-defined HTML components, you can use them or create custom ones.
  • Mark Text : you can rapidly make and remove a mark.
  • DOM Eraser 
  • Highlight the Source Code : you can highlight the mainstream of the source code with color. 
  • Editing Tools : Rapid text formatting, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese conversion,  Common error check, etc.
  • Support Plug-ins : Using JavaScript, you can create new plug-ins for WizHtmlEditor easily.  
  • Support saving files as ZIP files: As all HTML reference resources can be packaged into zip files, there will be larger space and less files.


  • WizHtmlEditor is the core component of CyberArticle and WizKnowledge. it is stable and reliable.